Autistic Basketball Champion Mentors Kids With The Disability

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You know those triumphant stories that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? This is one of them. Anthony Ianni was diagnosed with autism (PDD) at age 4. While it is increasingly common, it’s not an easy disorder to deal with. Doctors and professionals told his parents he would never be academically successful. They also went on to predict Anthony would not likely graduate from high school, much less go to college. To really pile on to the pessimistic news, they also said he would likely end up in a group home. Oh, and that being an athlete was out of the question. Well… they. were. wrong. Anthony defied all the odds and not only graduated high school, but went on to graduate MSU with a degree in Sociology. While he was there, he was not only the first autistic person to play college basketball but he was part of TWO Big Ten Championships and a Final Four. As if these successes weren’t enough, he went on to help others live their dreams. On ‘The Relentless Tour with Anthony Ianni’ he will share his story and help stop bullying across the state of Michigan. He also helps and mentors the children at Kids On The Go, a camp for special needs kids. Get more feel good video clips at Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

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