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Summer Camp Applications

Mark your calendar now – 2021 Summer volunteer applications will become available on January 1, 2021.

Interested in working with Kids on the Go ? You can apply for staff or volunteer opportunities here!


2021 Staff and Volunteer Application Notes Before You Get Started

Please complete the application using a laptop or desktop computer. The application system is not mobile device friendly.


2021 Staff and Volunteer Application Instructions


  • Begin by going to
  • Enter your email address to set up your new account or access an existing account
  • Follow the prompts
  • On the registration page select REGISTER FOR A NEW SESSION
  • Select Type of Registration Staff or Volunteer
  • Decline protection plan
  • You will receive a pop up on your screen that say you have successfully registered
  • The next step is to complete the application (see menu in the upper right hand side of the website) for each section.
  • There is a red dot next to each section on the application that needs to be completed. As you compete each section, the red dot will turn to a green check. If a question is not applicable enter n/a to complete the section. You will receive a pop up on your screen that says your profile is compete. ** Please note returning participants will need to scroll down and click CONFIRM INFORMATION after making any updates and then select NEXT STEP at the bottom of the page.

For technical support contact the CampDoc Help Desk with any questions about logging in, resetting passwords, profile completion, etc. Winter Help Desk hours are Monday–Friday 8am-5pm EST and can be reached via email at or 734-636-1000.

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