Please Review the Revised Application Process and Registration Calendar

Dear KOTG Family,

We are so grateful for being able to offer programming to your children and for the growth we have experienced through the years, which has allowed us to reach even more families. As we grow, we are continuously striving for improvement with the goals of how best to serve the campers and to make the best use of the resources provided by the generous sponsors. In this spirit, we request for you to review the registration process and important dates for the 2024 sessions. A summary of this process is listed below. Please review it in its entirety as they have changed from what you have experienced in the past. 

Summary of New Registration Process

  1. At the Metro Detroit location, we offer four seasons of camps.
  2. There will be four distinct Application periods-one for each season. Each will occur during different times.  Please review the 2024 application periods listed in the Registration Calendar.
  3. Please note: the 2024 Annual Camp Application needs to be completed for each camper once during the calendar year. The application will require the Annual Camp Application to be completed or on file, and the season-specific application for the season for which you are applying. Subsequent seasons during the same year, will only require the additional season application.
  4. Following the application period, each application is reviewed by the KOTG Therapist Team and the best placement is determined for each child.
  5. Once completed, emails will be sent listing the proposed placement(s) and scholarship offer. The date range to expect this email is listed on the Registration Calendar.
  6. In this email, the next steps will be detailed including the date to accept or decline the offer. The date will generally be 2 weeks after the offer email. This is done by completing the Scholarship Acceptance Form for that season. Please note that this should be completed to accept or decline the offer.
  7. If the Scholarship Acceptance Form is not completed by the due date, the applicant will be placed on the Waitlist and the spot may be offered to another applicant.
  8. We recognize that the health forms and required documentation may be more time consuming in obtaining. For this reason, these are due at a later date from the scholarship acceptance date.
  9. If at any time, if your child’s plans change, please let us know as soon as possible. We plan staffing and allocate resources according to expected camper attendance.  Last minute cancellations or “no-shows” result in lost Sponsor funds. We want to assure that we can reach as many campers as possible, so this is very important.

We appreciate your reviewing the new process. If you have any questions, please contact We look forward to seeing you and your Camper in 2024!

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